Saturday, March 23, 2024

The LORD will rescue me


The Lord Will Rescue Me

I know the Lord will rescue me,

From sin and darkness set me free.

He will take my cold and hardened heart,

That was calloused from its very start.

Born of a spirit deep within,

A heart corrupted by the rule of sin.

Filled with anger, bitterness, and fear,

Afraid to let anyone get too near.

Attempting to build a wall of protection,

Just leading to more and more rejection.

Looking for refuge from my own personal battles,

Seeking for love and comfort and rest,

Chasing a dream without satisfaction,

Fighting for success and giving my best. 

The holes I dug just got deeper and deeper,

With no end in sight, was being buried alive.

Needing a place where I could feel safe,

Someone to trust and show me how to survive. 

These words to which I’d do well to cling,

A small and steady comfort they could bring.

“The Lord will rescue His people when their strength is gone.”

He will give them the hope in life to move on.

Surely, surely the Lord will come and rescue me.

His promises are true as you shall see.

Others have claimed, “You came to my rescue, Lord, You saved my life!”

“You have set me free from the burden of sin and strife.”

So with that promise, I too will trust, …THE Lord will rescue me.

Yes, Yes! I am convinced the Lord will rescue me!

Peter Keyes   3-22-2024

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