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I listen to a song yesterday called "God Rested" by Andrew Peterson.
It made me think about this night in a different light... here we are celebrating Good Friday and waiting to celebrate Easter... but what really happened on the first Sabbath, that 'High Sabbath' when Jesus lay in the tomb? These are my thoughts of what that night might have been like. ....

Why am I anxious tonight?
Another Holy Week is coming to an end.
On Easter Sunday morning we will sing songs of praise, but right now I not feeling the joy.
What was it like on that first Sabbath for the followers of Jesus?
What was going through their minds?
Jesus, our leader has been crucified. How could we have let this happen?
    Our hope for Him to be the king now was crushed.
    Yet, the words He spoke at the Passover meal still lingers in our minds like a smoky haze.
    In a little while you won’t see me and then in a little while you will see me again.

It happened so fast.
    And Judas… how could he sell Jesus out? He was one of us. 
    For three years, we were all together, he was one of us...
        although he was strange at times, and really hated the Romans.
    But deep down inside, didn’t we all?
There may have been a few decent Roman soldiers, but very few…
    They mostly treat us Jews like their slaves.
    Every day they take what they want, or kill those who fight back.

The religious leaders hated Jesus. We knew it would be dangerous for Jesus to be here. 
    Ever since he threw the merchants out of the temple three years ago during the Passover.
    It has been risky to be here, but Jesus was determined to come. 

He even talked about being put to death. 
    When Peter told him not to talk that way, Jesus called him the Devil.
He said “I am the way.”
     “Follow me.”
     “Do as I have commanded you.”
     “Love your enemies.”
     “Do good to those who hate you.”
And now our religious leaders, our elected officials, have had him put to death.
      God’s chosen leaders…  The high priest and his family…
      Why couldn’t they see that he was God’s anointed one?
      Will they be coming after us next?

Jesus talked about the kingdom of God coming. Now Jesus is dead.
    How will God save us now?
    What will become of us?
    We believed in him. 
    How can this be God’s will?
    How can this be a part of God’s plan?

Confusion abounds, the disciples sit quietly in a state of shock trying to make sense of it all.

    O darkest night. O dread and fear.
    We followed the Lord, who is no longer here.
    He’s dead. It is not fair.
    Our righteous Lord; slaughtered on that cross over there.
    Nothing makes sense. Our minds cannot see.
    But He seemed to know that this is how it would be………………..
I know the outcome because it was recorded in the Gospels,

….but what was it like for them on that Passover Day?
    Waiting… worrying… overcome by doubt and fear…
    Truly the darkest night and day of their lives….
    The unknowing of what would happen next was the hardest part….
    Sitting, waiting…praying…bewildered…hoping…(a strange mix of emotions)…
    Shock and anger and shame and hopelessness
    Maybe even some stupid memories that brought nervous laughter.
    Satan was having a field day with these disciples.
    But not for long…
The resurrection was the last thing on their minds… (even though Jesus had talked about it)

So, I believe that on this Passover they sat in utter despair trying to sort it all out….
But totally blind to the truth of what was about to happen.

Peter Keyes … written 2015-04-04 edit-2024-03-30

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