Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Three Simple Words


I couldn't sleep last night and woke up working out this poem in my head. 

I got and grabbed a pad and pencil to write it down before it disappeared.

It is titled... 

Three Simple Words

You are not the first to hear these words

Nor will you be the last.

I’ve said them thousands of times before

And will thousands of times again.

That doesn’t mean that they mean any less than they did at the first.

From deep within they express my every thought

My passion and desire.

They express my joy and flood my eyes with tears

They cry out in pain when you are far

and burst out in relief when you are near.

But it is not enough to just say the words

I need to show you too.

There is nothing I wouldn’t stop to do

To express the way I feel.

They are who I AM.

They are so much more than these three simple words… I LOVE YOU!

They are who I AM!

They are what I say and do

Some will understand and some they never do.

They are who I AM!

That’s why I say the words by what I say and do.

They testify to my most inner being

To what is truly true.

They are who I say I AM.

That’s why I say these simple words…


(Peter Keyes 5-9-2023)

I was thinking how we can love so many people in our lives and still never come close to the capacity that God has to love the whole of creation. He is Love. 

May that bring you comfort today. Blessings, Peter.

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